Leadership Transformative Equitable LGBTQIA+ Race Identity Adoption


Work with me to reposition yourself in your workplace
Transform yourself, your organisation, your situation
Build from within to create growth and change
What You Get

Transformation for you and your situation

Equitable Coaching will help you – or your organisation – achieve real and lasting change.


We provide one-to-one coaching for individuals around leadership, accelerating career progression, owning LGBTQIA+, exploring race identity, going for adoption and fostering.


We focus on helping organisations develop practice that is inclusive and equitable. We focus specifically on the intersections of identity, race, LGBTQIA+, gender and sexuality and diversity of families.

What you can expect

Lasting results

Our approach is based on academic research and will support you to:

Reposition yourself within your workplace
Change how things are done around you

Our Coaching Services

We offer different kinds of support tailored to your needs – from transformational coaching to psycho-dynamic coaching. Whatever your journey, we will listen to you carefully to understand the best approach for you.

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Resisting Racism

We will work with you to understand your racial identity and how you can protect yourself and others from racism.

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Embracing LGBTQIA

We will coach you to identify homophobia and counter its impact in your life and work.

colourful illustration of two people with newborn adopted baby

Going For Adoption

We will work with you (and your partner if desired) to get the most out of the experience of adoption.

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Getting That Job

We will work with you to get a promotion and experience an application process, including a mock interview and application support.

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Managing Teams

We will support you to understand your team dynamics and set a new agenda for development.

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Sustaining Leadership

We will coach you to develop leadership skills and strengths using leadership theory and research.

“Claire’s ability to listen and ask just the right questions has given me the space to think through specific issues.”

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“Claire approaches all her work with a sharp eye for detail combined with warmth, compassion and perspective.”

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“Claire is quick to understand a challenge, pull people together around it and then see it through to completion.”

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