Professional learning is lifelong and needs nourishment and reflection to be sustained.

Our core beliefs are based in equity and equality.

Diversity is everything. If organisations seek better outcomes they need to create opportunity to nurture, accelerate and develop diverse approaches in their teams.

We believe that organisational structures and processes can enable organisations and people within them to diversify their workforce. Coaching act as a process and methodological approach to create the future faster. Thinking as a group can help people identify the limitations of current cultures and offer leaders time to reflect on what and how changes need to be made.

Leaders and managers create deeper, more meaningful and productive change when they have time to reflect on what they are doing and how they do it.​

Claire Stewart-Hall


Claire is an executive coach who supports leaders to reflect on how their values and beliefs can lead to leadership growth. She develops leaders’ self-efficacy to interact with the impact of the systems of which they are part. She supports the development of internal processes and structures that can be used to unlock inner agency and leadership.

Meet Claire

Before founding Equitable Coaching, Claire Stewart-Hall served as a leader in schools in the UK for twenty years in urban areas of economic disadvantage and poverty and has experience of supporting creativity, positivity and self-organising systems to enable positive cultures to grow. She has experience of  supporting staff to connect with communities.

Claire believes in the power of transformational coaching to facilitate internal values work that deepens and strengthens confidence to take action to co-create positive, equitable cultures. She uses a blend of transformational and psycho-dynamic coaching approaches, alongside her research of organisational, transactional theory and andragogy (adult learning) with organisations.

Claire believes that answers to our own development lie within us. She uses creative tools, such as images, words and narratives, for unlocking and building rapport and creates trust to offer people time to reflect on their current situations and evolve the way they think about them.

She works with leaders and leadership teams to ‘unlearn’ limiting assumptions and develop ways to challenge thoughts and ideas in a safe environment. 

Claire enjoys connection, networks and linking with people and ideas, as such she works strategically across different organisations. She is also a researcher and is normally usually found researching with her head in a book when not coaching.

Our Team

Sharon Porter

Associate Coach
Sharon provides coaching and mentoring for Early Career Teachers.  She also coaches Middle Leaders and experienced educators in building confidence and improving their practice.
Sharon is an experienced educator and researcher with expertise in Research Methods and Professional Development.  She has been a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) and Lead Practitioner in inner city Bristol schools.
As a consultant, Sharon has extensive experience of entering unfamiliar organisations and working with clients from different backgrounds.  Consequently, she has honed the skill of quickly building rapport with clients.  Through open communication, active listening and questioning, Sharon helps clients identify and set realistic targets to achieve their goals.

Katie Friedman

Associate Coach

Katie works with leaders at all levels and is passionate about diversifying leadership of schools to ensure that children get the best education in their short time with us. She believes that everyone should have access to the magic of coaching and loves co-creating powerful coaching relationships which enable freedom and growth to be their whole selves. 

Katie is visionary and strategic coach who loves ideas and innovation and has a healthy disrespect for comfort zones whether they belong to people, organisations or systems. 

‘I walk away from every coaching session with Katie feeling stronger and with a clearer path. This has definitely been the best CPD ever invested in me.’  (Middle Leader, Cabot Learning Federation)