Developing Agency for Equity

Claire is a qualified coach who offers 1-2-1 coaching for people in senior roles who want to develop agency to make their workplaces more equitable. She works with personal journeys towards anti-racist practice and grow confidence to challenge wider organisational dynamics. Claire researches race in her PhD analysing the ways it shows up in structures which means she offers a wide research base to understand the roles race plays in organisational dynamics.

Claire offers group coaching for teams to create agency to make work spaces more equitable and offer processes to support leaders to reflect on the role race is playing in organisational structures and team dynamics using different frameworks.

We offer different kinds of coaching from transformational coaching to psycho-dynamic coaching. We will listen carefully to clients to understand which coaching approach might best suit their needs.

Group Coaching

Away days and senior team meetings to align groups, surface new thoughts and ideas and improve leadership effectiveness.

Leaders should consider group coaching if…

Group Coaching is usually undertaken at a senior team meeting or away day. It usually lasts an hour and a half to two hours.

1:1 Personal Coaching

People come to coaching for many reasons. We offer remote or face-to-face coaching sessions for personal and professional development.

Our coaches can help if you’re looking to…

1:1 sessions usually last between an hour and an hour and a half and can be booked online.

Book a short introductory meeting to get started for free.

Our Group Coaching Package

We offer five sessions initially to work on the issue and bring the team into alignment.

We follow this up with up to three sessions of 1-2-1 individual coaching for the team members. 1-2-1 coaching supports the stickability of what has happened in the group sessions. Team members are able to specifically focus on behaviours they want to change or address and reconnect with their values and beliefs about their role.

We can tailor make packages for organisations and break down associate costs.

Team Coaching around Diversifying Landscapes‚Äč

Claire Stewart-Hall uses Critical Race Theory to support primarily or all-white teams begin conversations about diversity and race.

Before an organisation can start making real positive change around diversity, we first need to understand the difficulties people have talking about race. This is often tricky to do without outside support because few organisations have robust structures in-place to enable these discussions.

Claire uses group coaching to provide a safe and confidential environment in which these discussions can take place. She works with teams to share the challenges people are finding so she can start to bring the group, board or team into alignment. Only then can we start to develop trust and a shared approach or vision of how to begin to change things.

Claire underpins this development by sharing the solid foundation of research that exists around diversity. This helps people recognise problems that might exist within their teams or in the organisation as a whole.

Silence around race is very common and has been researched at length in schools. The impact is usually that people feel liberated to have a way to share thoughts about race and understand different people’s experiences which means they develop new lenses to look at policy and strategy.


We normally offer five – six sessions over a 6 – 12 month period or a series of weeks (set in advance) in order for people to reflect on their experiences and then move into planning for how they would like to develop approaches to equitize spaces, policies, CPD, staffing in schools.

Individual coaching for team members

Very often members of the team want 1-2-1 coaching sessions during or after and I normally do up to three sessions so that people are able to process their experiences in a safe and confidential space. This usually means that any learning is embedded and sustained and not just surface nodding. This area is about behaviour change which as you will know is harder, but if organisations invest in these behaviours then change happens more deeply and quickly in the rest of the organisation.