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We advise, recommend and offer critical friendship to organisations

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Our associates are experienced at bringing about organisational change. They are practitioner researchers who offer different ways of supporting organisations to create more equitable spaces.

Relevant Advice and Guidance

Whatever your organisational requirements, we can help, with customised consultancy, mentoring and research.

Book a free introductory meeting on Zoom or the phone and we’ll have an initial chat to discuss your situation. We can work on-site or remotely, scoping out what you need, gathering the relevant data and offering relevant advice and guidance. 



When people are active in leadership, they often need their community and network to recalibrate their experiences in the field.

Mentoring is defined as ‘useful wisdom’.

Our coaches have lots of useful wisdom from their own experiences in organisations and can provide space to mentor leaders through challenges.

Mentoring can support leaders to:

  • accelerate projects
  • refine their approach
  • focus on challenges


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What do you get?
How does it work?

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Expanding evidence in the field

Our researchers are trained to doctoral level and write nationally about inequity, discrimination and its impact in organisations

Examples of our research:
  • Prevention of school exclusions of Black Children in England (commissioned by
  • De-colonial and Antiracist perspectives in teacher education & education curricula in the UK
  • Resisting whiteness: anti-racist leadership and professional learning in majority White senior leadership teams in UK secondary schools
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Claire did group and individual coaching without strategic leadership team and was truly inspirational in getting us to work better as a team and as individuals. She helped us to realise how we had to unlearn some of our previously successful behaviours and learn new ones to drive ourselves forwards. I find coaching a hard process but Claire made this simple for me and I have learnt and grown through the process.
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Dom Wood DL (Hon LLD)
CEO 1625 Independent People
and Deputy Lieutenant for the County and City of Bristol