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New Family Social

LGBTQ Adoption and Fostering

Listen to our coaches talking all things adoption and fostering in this podcast. Our coaching helps people in the process of growing family through adoption

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Interview with Claire Stewart-Hall

  In this episode Katie interviews our founder, Claire Stewart-Hall, about diversity, equity and inclusion in the coaching space. Katie Friedman leads Goldmind Neurodiversity and

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Fertility Podcast: Teaching Whilst Trying to Conceive

Teaching Whilst Trying to Conceive

Listen to Claire Stewart-Hall and three other teachers discuss the intricacies of fertility in the workplace, in Episode 2 of The Fertility Podcast series. What is it like to navigate a fertility journey whilst juggling the demands of a teaching job?

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On The Spot Podcast

Leadership for All

Ever wished you could ask the Mayor of Bristol your most burning questions? Claire Stewart-Hall, educational researcher and ex-school leader did just that, posing questions on supporting BME teachers to senior leadership positions in what she dubs a “diversity emergency”.

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