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Working with Claire has been transformative for me – I have never felt more listened to or supported to make change. Her way of reflecting back what she is hearing somehow brings clarity to even the muddiest issue, her vast knowledge of research and academia has meant she has been able to pull out models and research that explain what felt unexplainable, and she is generous with her introductions to others to share experiences. It is impossible NOT to act when you have a coach like Claire!
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Deirdre Kehoe
Co-CEO Director Training and Services
at Young Minds
Claire's coaching has had a huge impact on my career but also my understanding of myself and my belief in myself. Her thoughtful coaching has guided me through making challenging decisions and situations at work. Through coaching, I felt empowered to make decisions that have made a huge improvement to my career and the way I balance this with my family life. I have started sessions feeling quite lost about what to do and ended with clarity and a sense of ownership. The impact of Claire's coaching, however, goes way beyond the sessions themselves. After the sessions, I have often found myself reflecting further on the questions she asked to deepen my understanding of the situation and realise solutions and make plans. I am incredibly grateful for my coaching with Claire and would highly recommend it.
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Cara Carey
Development Lead, Teach First, UK
If I am honest I was dreading ‘coaching sessions’ but Claire completely changed this for me. She was able to encourage me to open up, reflect and explore my thoughts, relationships and practice. I found Claire really easy to talk to, her insight and thoughts really beneficial, and she shared great tools and research which really resonated with me. As a result of my coaching sessions, I have been able to reignite my passion for my role and an excitement for learning again. Thank you, Claire.
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Clair Hamson
Practice Manager
Southampton Council
I have taken a lot from my three sessions with Claire. She was structured in her approach but flexible to my needs and listened attentively. Our time together has given me a sense of confidence and new awareness of some key principles to keep in mind as work continues. More so than any other coach I’ve ever worked with, I genuinely feel like I have grown in knowledge and self trust from our short time. She has a knack of asking the right questions, reflecting things differently but kindly and pushing gently for real personal change. I often read back my notes from our sessions and hope I am lucky enough to work with Claire again in the future.
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Roxane Caplan
Head of Services
at Young Minds
This has been the first coaching where I felt challenged, in a good way. You didn't let me hide from the questions I really wanted to hide from, which was exactly what I wanted the coaching for so it was a very good experience for me. I really appreciated the approach. At the same time as not letting me hide, you were really compassionate about it, but you were really pushing me to be more honest with myself and that led to some really good outcomes for me.
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Rosie Maffia
Head of People and Culture at Young Minds
Claire is a skilled and insightful coach and by combining aspects of my personal story with information about my work she was able to provide theoretical and practical information that helped me work out a new way forward. She is respectful, humorous, compassionate and a very skilled coach.
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Chris Saltmarsh
NHS Manager
I decided to have coaching towards the end of a long, successful and challenging career in education, which included 16 years of headship It's hard sometimes to get clarity of thought and the space to make huge life changing decisions when you are in the busyness and treadmill of school life. Working with Claire enabled me to identify the issues I wanted to deal with, to make important decisions about my future, and crucially to spend time planning, thinking about and preparing for the transition out of headship.
Consequently I am much happier with my life, feel healthier physically and mentally and do not miss my old job at all. Considering what a huge part of my life and identity the job was, this outcome is testimony to Claire's coaching. She helped me to be open minded, to be brave and to put my needs first. I learnt so much about myself and how to overcome my fears. We think nothing of spending money on a holiday, new clothes or equipment. Investing in a coach is an investment in ourselves and we are worth it. I highly recommend Claire as a coach.
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Helen Keenan


Claire is a fabulous coach. She is a thoughtful and empathetic listener who asks the most pertinent questions that never fail to challenge my thinking. I have loved our coaching sessions as they always move my thinking on and enable me to to progress faster and in more divergent ways.
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Leah Tomlin
Executive Coaching in Leadership and Life

Helping women leaders to level up their leadership and their future

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Claire when I was the CEO of an established rape crisis service and she came onto the board of trustees as the Chair person. Claire is a dynamic and charismatic leader with strong values and integrity. She is exceptionally supportive; she takes the time to listen, consult and involve others whilst also making difficult decisions when needed. Claire works exceptionally hard, is always prepared and is able to transfer her huge range of knowledge and skills from her background in teaching to create success and transformation. She does this all with humour, generosity and kindness.
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Rowan Miller
Head of Funding South West, The National Lottery Community Fund
Claire is a highly skilled and talented coach, who takes her time to really connect with and understand people. her notable contributions to the work around equity, diversity and inclusion have made a positive impact nationally and I have connected with her several times on issues within the education sector. I have worked with Claire in her capacity as a researcher and writer, always finding her approach to using research and writing to be exemplary. An utter perfectionist always trying to get it right, no matter how small the task. she is someone I feel comfortable taking advice and guidance from. Highly committed, reliable and hard working.
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Sufian Sadiq
Director of Teaching School at Chiltern Learning Trust
Claire easily connects with different situations and environments, so I felt that each coaching session had maximum impact. After only one session of coaching I was able to take what we had explored and implement what I had learned. I found it really easy to discuss my circumstances with Claire and genuinely felt quite excited for our next session! Using Equitable Coaching has helped me to become a better informed leader and I am looking forward to what the future holds. A wonderfully positive experience and I would highly recommend to anyone.
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Joanne Inglis
Operations Manager, SATRA Technology Centre
An excellent coach. Great Listener with an eye and ear for detail and translating thoughts into clear achievable goals. Very professional and demonstrates genuine care and passion for what she does.
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Halui Angus FCCT
Experienced Senior Leader in Education
Claire and I have known each other for years through grassroots communities in education. She has attended and contributed to #womened conferences and #diverseed events I have organised. More recently we have worked together on co-chairing the national diversity roundtables for educational stakeholders. She has also been a 1:1 and group coach for some of the larger contracts we have with MATs. Claire comes to her work both as a coach and a researcher with compassion. She cares deeply for the people she serves through the work she delivers.
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Hannah Wilson
Leadership and Development Consultant, Coach and Trainer, Diverse Educators
Claire is well organised, very conscientious and extremely hardworking. I always held her in high regard as a school leader. She was respected by the staff she worked with for being measured, thoughtful and fair. She plans well and has a sound rationale for all of her decisions. Her curriculum knowledge is also very good as is her willingness to embrace change and innovate. I highly recommend her.
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Armando Di Finizio
Consultant in Education
Claire is one of the most emotionally literate and socially aware people I know. She listens intently and is always asking questions of others. Her ability to synthesise information quickly and succinctly has always impressed me as a colleague and a coach.
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Dr Nicholas Garrick
Managing Director of Lighting Up Learning

International Education and Leadership Consultant

I have been working with Claire over the last year and her support ad insights have been invaluable in helping me to navigate starting a new CEO role during a pandemic. Claire intuitively provides exactly the right level fo challenge and empathy to help me to manage the momentum I need in the rile and keep me on track with what I need to achieve.
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Michelle Windle
CEO at The Bridge Foundation, Consultant and Executive Coach
I recommend Claire for organisational, workplace and 1:1 coaching. She brings a unique blend of humility, hilarity and excellence to evey thing she does. She is deeply empathetic, insightful and intelligent when coaching. Every piece of consultancy work is researched and reliably delivered using her wealth of skill and expertise. She brings humanity and integrity to all she does and would contract her in a heart beat!
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Katie Friedman
Leadership Coach|ADHD|Coach|Director at Gold Mind Neurodiversity Coaching
Claire has really inspired me and introduced me to a variety of others in order to develop my confidence, epistemology in the field fo leadership. Her diverse set of coaching and leadership skills has positioned her to connect with those that she works with and coaches sensitively and with empathy that is rare. She is outward facing, prepared to have her theories challenged and keen to learn more. Her ubiquitous styles leaves you wanting to listen to her wisdom again and again.
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Paula Shore
Education Advisor and Former Head Teacher
Claire has many qualities which make her standout as a strong leader, most noticeably her ability to balance being extremely amiable and calm while also being directive and decisive. She possesses a rare quiet confidence which is both compelling and reassuring to the group she is leading. Well respected and well liked, Claire would be an asset to any organisation.
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Saskia Konynenburg
Director of External Communications and Consultation at Bristol City Council
Claire comes very highly recommended. She approaches all of her work in both education and writing with a highly effective balance of rigour, gravitas and a sharp eye for detail combined with warmth, compassion and perspective. Her range of experience makes her ideally placed to take on any form of consultancy work within the education field and her sharp intellect and quiet determination ensure she is quick to understand a challenge, pull people together around it and then see it through to completion.
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Matt Hall
Co-Director MSB Ltd.
Claire is a fantastic coach doing excellent work in the field of race equality in education with schools. Her work with senior leaders in schools is leading the way for change and lasting impact on strategic decision-making, policies and systems in the education sector. She also contributes her expertise to the wider educational landscape by offering her time to educational charities such as BAMEed and supporting the career development of Black and Asian educators. Claire is a fantastic coach doing excellent work in the field of race equality in education with schools. Her work with senior leaders in schools is leading the way for change and lasting impact on strategic decision-making, policies and systems in the education sector. She also contributes her expertise to the wider educational landscape by offering her time to educational charities such as BAMEed and supporting the career development of Black and Asian educators.
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Domini (Choudhury-Agboeze) Leong
Chair, BAMEed Bristol & South West England Deputy Headteacher, Cotham School Future Leader #cohort15, Ambition Institute
Whatever Claire turns her hand to she does it with the utmost care, consideration and professionalism. Over the many years I have known her she has offered me invaluable advice around inclusive eduction and governance. She is honest, well informed and generous in her knowledge sharing. I would highly recommend working with her.
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Kamina Walton
Artist, Coach, Critical Thinker and Founder, Rising Arts Agency CIC.

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